• 5 October 2018
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Having a limited lists of phones that support Hotspot is very confusing to me.  I know for a fact there are phones not on the list that will work with Cricket Hotspot because I have friends that are doing it.  So, it's not a technical limitation.

I have a OnePlus 5t phone which worked fine as a hotspot on the AT&T network.  So, how can I see a roadmap of phones that will be supported and an approximate time when?  "Check back to this page" is not a great option.

6 replies

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Hello Tcoalson, 

Welcome to the Cricket Community Forum! Thank you for visiting & posting your comment. For a device to be eligible for hotspot with our service, the device must have 2 APNs for us to track hotspot usage. Unfortunately, this device does not offer this which makes it not eligible for hotspot usage on our service. Unauthorized use of Mobile Hotspot on our network will result in service suspension and/or termination. We do not have a list of devices that will be added at this time. 

Thanks for your response. That is unfortunate to hear.

Yes it sucks big time.  I need my lg power x to have a hotspot and so far no luck


This never made any sense to me either.  I want to add another line (Essential PH-1 phone) but cannot until hotspot can be used with Cricket.  It doesn't make sense that most other services can seemingly support all phones but Cricket has this strange limitation.

I am in the same boat, but watch out if you use it they will suspend you and keep the money while suspend you.  I am suspend for that,,,,going to T-Moble how is comparable and they include hotspot in their plan,,,,,,,not matter the make of the phone


That's b.s. and you know it. It's called blackmail. You don't sell affordable phones that have quality, yet you don't care about having customers either. Because if they buy their phone from anyone other than cricket, excepting iPhone, you won't allow them to have a hotspot even tho the phone is quite capable and compatible . You would rather lose customers than be stuck with worthless inventory in devices.