• 16 September 2019
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I have been a Cricket customer for a couple of years now and, for the most part, happy with the service. We have two phones, both the same Samsung model, and I had a hotspot on mine. We were in the store yesterday to purchase a phone and hotspot for my father-in-law and the girl behind the counter convinced my wife that we needed to switch to a new plan that would give both of us a hotspot for the same monthly payment. So she switched us. However it appears that the hotspot will not work with our phones. Strange because it's been working with mine for almost 2 years. No one bothered to check and see if our phones would work and they won't let me go back to my original plan. I'm thinking that I see a new provider in my future.


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@unhappy  Thank you for posting on our community forum. What type of device do you and your wife have?

samsung galaxy amp prime

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@unhappy It sounds like you were on one of our grandfathered plans. Please send us a message on Facebook ( or a dm on twitter (@cricketsupport) so we can assist.

Unfortunately I don't have a Facebook account and what I know about twitter you can write on the back of a postage stamp.

It is apparent after the fact that I was on a grandfathered plan. About which the Cricket representative should have informed me. She should also have verified that our phones would work on the Hotspot on the new plan. Maybe she thought that because I already had a Hotspot  it wouldn't be a problem.

Apparently we have a different definition for "solution". A solution is when you fix a problem. The problem is that I was on a granfathered plan and your Cricket representative took me off of it without checking to see if my phones would work on the new plan. That's not a "solution". I already knew all of that.

Two simple solutions would be:

1. Put me back on my original plan.

2. Allow me to have the hotspots I'm paying for on my existing phones. Obviously there is no technological reason why it won't work since I've had a hotspot on mine since I started with Cricket.