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  • 7 February 2019
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I recently joined Cricket and have the unlimited extra plan along with three other lines. From everything I've read and seen this plan includes 10gb of mobile hotspot. Three of the lines are Samsung Galaxy S7 including mine and one is an HTC M8. Unfortunately, from what I see the M8 is not eligible for hotspot which doesn't make sense as we previously came from AT&T which is the same network and there were no issues with hotspot. Also, of the three S7's on our plan I have not been able to get my hotspot to work or my brother's to work. My hotspot actually worked for a moment however when I tested it again the following day it no longer worked. I was able to connect my wife's S7 to the hotspot but haven't tried since so I am not sure if it is still working or not. I followed the tutorial for my phone as instructed by Cricket but it did not help. Please let me know what can be done to resolve this issue.

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Hey there! Welcome to our Cricket Community Forum and thank you for your post. We would like to look into this issue further for you. Please reach out to our support team on Facebook ( or Twitter (@cricketsupport) for further assistance.

Hello, I've already spoken to a rep over the phone over a month ago who explained the situation to me. Unfortunately, the phones on our plan are not eligible for hotspot unless we were coming from a grandfathered plan with Cricket. It was disappointing news as part of the reason we joined Cricket was to be able to use hotspot. Cricket's site does a poor job of relaying the fact that hotspot is only optional with their unlimited plans but is not included. On top of that, it's not easy to locate the information stating that you have to have an eligible phone to be able to use hotspot in the first place. As a former AT&T subscriber believing transitioning to Cricket would be seamless as it is the same network it was very frustrating to discover this information knowing hotspot was readily available for all the phones on our former AT&T plan but not on Cricket. And again, the fact that Cricket doesn't spell that out easily on their site is very troublesome. If I had known this beforehand, I may have opted to stay with AT&T or looked for a different carrier. The only thing the rep could offer was an apology and to monitor Cricket's site to see if our phones would some day become eligible for hotspot.

I’ve had a hot spot problem since I purchased my hot spot on 06/09/2019, and when I call cricket they have been giving me the run around, and also told me that I would not be able to receive a refund and that my money is just money wasted!!!! My case was created Monday 06/10/2019, and have yet to hear back from technical support. What company has a technical support team that take days to resolve a issue!!! I’m disappointed bc the representative took my money knowing it was a problem with their system. When asking to speak with a supervisor it took them over a hour to get one on the phone then when I talked to one her name was Andy and would not give me her ID, which is used to know who you talked too, she had the worst attitude and couldn’t give me no better help then the representative did. She didn’t have any further solutions either!!! What type of supervisor is that? I’m highly disappointed because they act like people have money to just throw away!!! I am ending my cricket service when my bill is up because this is not a good company and no one knows how to trouble shoot or fix anything!!! I’ve been with them for sometime now and have never had this problem but glad I did because now I know this company is not a good stand by company l
This is nearly the exact situation I have had since switching from AT&T to Cricket. They should inform us customers upfront if our phones are not mobile hotspot compatible prior to signing up with their unlimited plan. I would have taken my business and $100 (w/ sign up fees & all) elsewhere to begin with!! Also, why block certain phones from the hotspot feature Cricket?? - from a dissatisfied Samsung Galaxy S8+ customer.
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@shulerduler Thank you for posting on our community forum. The reason why your device is not eligible for mobile hotspot with us is due to the fact that wireless devices are either single or dual APN (a backend carrier setting that allows for software applications). Cricket Mobile Hotspot , because of the way it was developed, can only work on dual APN devices. Not all devices are dual APN.


My phone IS compatible with mobile hotspots (I think it’s frankly disgusting that Cricket CHOOSES to scam people by not disclosing “the fact that wireless devices are either single or dual APN”), I bought it at the Cricket store and have used the hotspot many times.

However, I FREQUENTLY turn on my hotspot, only to see a message about a minute later informing me that “A network error is preventing you from using your mobile hotspot at this time, please try again later”. This is unacceptable when I am paying for a service to work, and I rely on that service to make money to PAY for the service.

Cricket Support is a joke. I’ve had them tell me that there’s nothing that they can do; and I’ve had them push a button and tell me to restart my phone, then my hotspot MAGICALLY gets perfect connection. And yes, I have tried to replicate this by turning my phone to airplane mode and turning it off for about 5 minutes. Nothing helps this constipated network.

Long story short, I’m looking for a better service provider.


I also just joined cricket,having a cricket dream on the $60 unlimited plan, and my hotspot isn't working nor has it worked.