hotspot not working on new phone.

  • 28 May 2021
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Upgraded to the Samsung galaxy a32 5g about 3 days ago. From the very beginning the hotspot did not work. Have tried literally every possible troubleshooting step. Stumped about 5 tech support people. I cannot exchange the phone without paying more money, but at the same time I have a phone that never worked right and for all intents and purposes is defective at best. 

How can I replace my phone for one that actually works without having to pay another upgrade fee and activation fee? 


Phone was bought from cricket, is compatible  with hotspot, works perfect except it notes any hotspot connection. 

2 replies

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Hey there! We’re happy you’ve commented on our Community Forum! 

If you are completely unable to connect t hotspot, we recommend reaching out to our support team on Facebook ( or Twitter (@cricketsupport) with the details of your issue.

Don’t bother contacting support. I purchased a Samsung A32 5G phone May 6th from a Cricket store. Hotspot never worked. Always says “No Internet, secured”. I took it back to the store the next day. Dude in store says everything is right. So I contact support via the online chat. They escalate issue to the higher geeks. Geeks say it’s a firmware issue on Samsungs end and will be resolved shortly. So I don’t take the phone back for a refund. 7 Days go by. Now I’m screwed. I  have been on the chat at least 12 times trying to resolve this issue. So Cricket says warranty claim the phone. So I drive a 180 mile round trip to drop off my original phone at a UPS store. Warranty phone comes in. Put sim in. Same thing. Get back online with Cricket. They say warranty claim the phone again. So I make another 180 mile round trip to drop off the second phone at a UPS store. Third phone comes in. Put sim in. Same thing. Get back on the chat. They want me to warranty claim it again. Uhhh. Don’t think so. Three phones. Same result. Pretty sure 4th phone is the same lemon as the first three. Get back on chat. Chat guy says Samsung is releasing an update for a  known issue with the Samsung A32 5G and hotspot. Dude says 6-14-21. Says by the end of the day phone should get update then restart the phone and it will be fixed. 6-15-21 rolls around. No update. Hotspot still don’t work. Back on the chat. They tell me to contact Samsung for the update. So, I contact Samsung and explain the situation. Samsung says there is no update. Back on the chat with Cricket. Tell them what Samsung just told  me. They wanna trouble shoot the phone. Did that about 10 times already people. Absolute disaster with Cricket and Samsung. So since May 6th I’ve had not hotspot and that’s why I purchased the phone. My other phone was a moto g power. Cricket said it’s not compatible. I need to buy a Cricket branded phone and I will be guaranteed to work. Oh really. Tried numerous times to get Cricket to refund me my money. Or refund the difference from a similar phone Cricket sells and be done with this piece to junk Samsung. They won’t. They sell one of their phones to the consumers which is supposed to be compatible with all their services and it’s not. Then expect the consumers to do all the leg work to fix their problem. Guess it’s BBB time.