Hotspot rollover?

  • 8 November 2020
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I have the unlimited with hotspot plan. Will the 15 GB rollover into the following month? And if I purchase an additional 15GB one time purchase will any of that rollover to the next month? I am a single mom and had purchased these for my kids to have service at home for school. School reopened and we didn’t use as much as planned but not we just found out that they will more than likely be closing down due to the increase of cases in our area and my billing cycle ends tomorrow.

3 replies

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Thats a terrible analogy. Your gas tank is a product of pay once service while your phone bill isnt. Plus the contract says that data doesnt roll over month to month. It cant be stealing if its stated in the T&C in the beginning 

That's not fair. Unused data should roll over! If you fill up the gas tank in your car and you don't use it all by the end of the month the gas station needs gets to take all of the gas that you did not use. Make a sound like a crazy analogy but it is the truth. If I buy 15 GB extra during a month oh, why would that not rollover? that sounds like stealing from the customer.

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Hi @Cfabbott86 


Thanks for commenting. There is no rollover data available, any data that you do not use before the end of bill cycle would be forfeit.