HOTSPOT Stopped Working

  • 7 November 2018
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Own a LG G^+ Unlocked on the Mobile Unlimited Family plan.

My hotspot has been working fine until a month of so ago, Right now I can activate the hotspot and connect the other device and I always get the Message No Internet Connection or WIFI has no internet access. Have tried with several other devices already.

Wondering what has changed since my Hotspot was working without issues. Thanks!



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Hello @locolive8,

The LG G+ is not compatible with hotspot on our service. You must have the $10 feature along with a device compatible with hotspot on our service to use hotspot. You can view our current compatibility list here:


Why it has been working for the past 6-8 months?

You aren't going to get anything but canned answers from these pawns. I have the same issue. My hotspot worked just fine for a long time. Now they are telling me I have to use one of THEIR PHONES. That is the most garbage response I have ever heard. I'm not buying another phone. I'm going to another carrier. Nice way to lose customers cricket.

Same problem with me. I had hotspot for 2 years then I'm told the phone isn't compatible. Bunch of crap. They waited tilled I paid the bill then 5 days later nothing. And the charge still shows for when i make the next payment. Looks like another customer switching providers. It sucks cuz as much money the company has made they don't really care if I go elsewhere or not. As far as your problem go to your settings & apply the boxes with proper information (their techs can tell you the proper info). For example in settings < cellular+sim APN = internet, PROXY SERVER =, PROXY PORT = 80. Once you fill in each box save the info. Hope this helps.