how to remove phone when reported lost/stolen

  • 4 March 2023
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had misplaced my phone going on 2 years now.... and I had my boyfriend go on our account and call it in lost/stolen and ever since then I've had nothing but problems trying to get it removed. I've talked in person, Ive called, I've chatted! and nobody can explain or tell me what is going on! I've had one say that it's not listed as lost/stolen. I've had them say they removed it and give it 24hours for changes and even when I show them that in the app it says my phone is reported lost or stolen  they have no answers for me. PLEASE CAN SOMEONE HELP ME AND TELL ME WHAT TO DO!?! I'm so fed up with this and ready to change carriers but I'd like to figure this out so this phone can be fully functional... I can still make calls and text and everything but the only thing I've noticed is that when I go to add more hotspot I can't...would like to use my phone to the fullest capability! thanks in advance :)


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Hello @ashley311! Send a PM @CricketSupport with the phone number and details of the issue. We can look into this for you.