HTC10 ported from Sprint, cant connect to Cricket Mobile Data or receive calls or voicemails.

  • 4 June 2018
  • 1 reply

I can call out but nobody can call me. Inbound calls immediately get a message saying my voicemail has not been setup, and my phone never rings. I get no mobile data connection at all. I have used online support topics, verified my IMEI is compatible, spoken to a dozen phone support people at Cricket, reset Network Connections and verified correct APN settings, been to Sprint and called Sprint to verify my device was properly unlocked. Nobody can tell me why my Cricket service does not work. I paid for service I cannot use. This is beyond frustrating and I am very annoyed with the lack of solutions to what shouldnt even be an issue.

1 reply

I just ported in from Sprint and I am starting to think it was a very bad mistake. My order apparently has been lost. No service, No number. No one seems to know what happened. Customer service is totally clueless. People need to know how awful customer service here is. Worst I have ever seen at any company. Ever.