I was lied to

  • 12 November 2019
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On Oct 14 I paid my bill in store $139 . On Oct 15 I added a line and changed my plan to the 4 lines for 100. I paid another 45 to start thithis plan etc. On Oct 16 I called because I got to thinking i should have a $39 credit at least. I was told no $18.99 was my credit, initially. Then the rep "researched my account" I was told I was being charged $20 for hotspot on two lines. He could remove that and credit the $20 back. I told him yes because I didn't even know I had hotspot and do not need it as I have wifi at home. He removed and said my bill for Nov would be $60 and some change. I looked today to pay my bill and it still only showed 18.99 credit. I called customer service. I was put on hold then hung up on. I called back and once sent to a rep I was automatically hung up on. I called back two more times and on the fourth try I spoke with someone who informed me I was pretty much out of luck they don't refund hotspot. (Had I been told this initially that would have been fine) I called back and spoke with a "manager" who told me I was out of luck. I even told him to review ththe call from October 16 he would hear them tell me if I removed it, I would be refunded. That is a lie. I told him that is was illegal to take money and not provide the service. He stated they did provide hotspot (2 days worth) I said that was incorrect it was never supposed to be on there and how was I charged $20 for two days of hotspot? $20 pays for a month of service
Again illegal, I never recieved the service I paid for. They don't care. They will lie and say whatever they can to get you off the phone until it comes times to pay then they tell you "oh our bad, but you owe thos" No they need to be held accountable for their mistakes.

1 reply

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@Maltbie6 Hi there we see that our social media manager have spoken with you regarding this situation have fixed the issue for you. Thank you for reaching out to us for help.