• 9 September 2022
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With being a Loyal Cricket Wireless Customer, and knowing in my working conditions things happen. I opt in for insurance from day 1. Keeping it til here recently, due to new found knowledge. As per my insurance my repair (“I still have the paper literature saying this”) should ONLY cost $40 and be same day. Now upon my attempt to file my claim, is where the truth hit me. No my repair would not be same day, nor the cost be what was Verbally and Printed on the literature. The quoted price was $75,without same day repair. For what I’ve paid into my insurance over the time of having service through yal. Now yal hit people with this,do yal (Cricket Wireless *CW) realize…. For that $75, any ATT Serv phone can be bought at a more convenient loacation. No wait time or anything, and be used. This has gone to show me yal honestly don’t care about customers. As well that y’all will do anything to get these said customers HARD EARNED money. Yal know this Insurance is HOT GARBAGE,nothing but a MONEY RACKETING M’Fn SCAM. I know I won’t ever see that insurance paid in money back because Any excuse in the Book yal may have will come up. Yet with this post hopefully I can help others to not buy into yals BS! So please everyone save ya self the Headache,time,effort,aggravation and don’t buy into their INSURANCE LIES.


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Hey @VRASJR88, you know your deductible changes with each phone you get. The more expensive your phone, the more the deductible is. And most cell phone companies use the same insurance company (Asurion). They have the market on lock, so good luck finding another company that doesn’t use them. Phone insurance works just like car and life insurance. It’s nice to have just in case you do need it, but be prepared to pay for it monthly, and be ready to drop a deductible if you do ever have to use it.