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  • 29 March 2019
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I purchased the $5 plan yesterday, arrived in country today, trying to call my hotel, I get a pop-up telling me that mobile network is not available. Connect to a wireless network to make a call. I have no bars. Do I need to turn on international roaming in settings? I tried that but got a warning that significant charges may be incurred so I turned it right back off. Please help! Thanks!

6 replies

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which country are you in? 

Hi, my wife is having the same issue. Her phone shows "no network". She cannot send or receive any calls or text.
International roaming is on, airplane mode is off, etc...
Went to cricket and they couldn't fix the issue, and was told someone would from their tech would call to reset her phone within 5 business days. Never received a call and my wife's phone obviously is not receiving calls.
She is in Mexico, any help is greatly appreciated.
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Hello @Socal750

We would be happy to help. Please reach out to our support teams via Facebook ( or twitter (Cricketsupport) with your info and the details.


I just got back from Ireland.  Before I left, I upgraded to the $40 a month plan and signed up fro the international calling.  I wanted to be able to text or call the members in my group if we were separated or call for a taxi, etc... Unfortunately I misunderstood what I signed up for.  I could call Ireland from the USA but my phone had NO service overseas unless I found free WiFI and used the WhatsApp or some other WiFi calling/texting feature.

Since afternoon i am trying no one is helping me , why should I continue with cricket if problem os not resolved