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  • 18 May 2022
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I am a very happy CricketWireless customer. I think the service, coverage, speed and price is great.  

However I am really missing to be able to use my phone outside of USA, Mexico and Canada.   I am from Europe and go there at least once a year, and it is just frustrating to have to opt for some cash cards while travelling.  As part of ATT, I cannot see why CricketWireless can add international roaming as an paid option. I would not mind adding it as an additional service for the month I am travelling.  

Please CricketWireless, can you step into the future world and offer something global.

I am also surprised that Norway is not on the list of 35 countries I can call or text to.  

I tried another carrier in the US, and had to switch back to Cricket within 2 weeks. Please dont make me look for other carrier again.



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4 replies

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I would love for that to be an option, but I don’t think it would happen because Cricket is a prepaid company. AT&T / Verizon / T-Mo can do international roaming, because they can just add it on to your bill which is then sent to you, but Cricket services are prepaid so not sure how they would manage that. I would also think that Cricket plans being low cost compared to postpaid is also part of the reason. If you find any prepaid company that offers Europe roaming, keep us posted!

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Hi @Oeyvind and welcome to the Community Forum! We appreciate your feedback regarding international roaming. However, this is not a feature that we plan to offer on our prepaid network at this time. We understand this feature is important to you, and we encourage you to choose AT&T postpaid if you do decide to leave Cricket. 

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Hi @cdexter . It is definitely possible to add international roaming and data to prepaid services. Cricket wireless already offer this in Canada and Mexico. And in Norway I use an inexpensive prepaid phone service provider offering international roaming. The technology is there, so it is just a strategic decision by Cricket. I do not want an at&t service, as I only need this service for a short period of time, when travelling. I think it would be awesome and a competitive advantage if Cricket offered this as a prepaid option.


I fully agree that Cricket should consider offering international roaming.  It would be a game changer for them.  Prepaid with roaming can work.  For the convenience I would prepaid for international roaming.  Visible, Mint, Boost, Metro. etc. don't seem to have it.  Very happy Cricket customer for years but recent travel to Ireland made me appreciate a roaming service.