Looking for a feature to block all texts from email addresses and the web

  • 28 July 2021
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After a lengthy support chat session, I wanted to post here for one last attempt, and leave it as feedback if I am forced to go to another service. 

I want to block all email-based text messages. Nobody contacts me that way that I know or care about. It is only a vulnerability waiting to be exploited. Verizon offers and advertises this feature. There are about a dozen posts for AT&T on what internal KB article helps a technician make the necessary gateway change. T-Mobile offers, according to their site, an ability to block emails sent to the <number>@provideremail. 

Hiya doesn’t block what I am requesting.

Changing my number is an unacceptable option (for a fee even) because changing the number is more of a hassle than jumping providers. 

Does Cricket have control of their own infrastructure so that this can be done, like with their owner company and their competition?

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Hello @pimeister! Welcome to our Cricket Community Forum and thank you for your post. Unfortunately, Cricket does not have a feature that will block email based text messages. We recommend looking through the apps available to your device that will offer you the ability to block these messages.