lte service is so slow sonce 5g came to town

  • 25 March 2021
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Back before 5G, the lte service was so fast in most places, and okay in others.  Nowadays lte service is horrible, so slow to tune of 1-4mbps downloading.  Upload is like 1mbps.  

I know, reset network settings.  Be close to towers.  Use fast phone.  Have plan with high speed rating, which I have.  Nothing solves issue.  

Seems I’m not alone as I browse this forum.  How many others experiencing this same issue?  I’m in the Philadelphia suburbs and sometimes had speed of 70mbps downloading before 5G came around.  This seems like I’m paying for no -throttling and yet am throttled at less than the throttled speed.  Been this way for months now.  Considering switching to another carrier to get faster speeds and a new 5G phone, which seems to be the end game AT&T and Cricket seems to want.  

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