• 15 October 2020
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Cricket is the worst advertiser of promotions when it comes to wwe I have ever seen. Their marketing stinks. Last year they had bayley out by me for a store signing. Free. Totally walk in meet her take photo and she signs. They don’t promote it. Wwe doesn’t promote it. If I didn’t hear about it because I was working the event at the venue for the wwe show thAt night I’d not have been able to meet her let alone know about it. That. Is. Pathetic. So now it’s a year and change later. They have a virtual meet and greet online to sign up to meet ironically bayley. They post it the day before the event. It was sold out within one hour of advertising. That is also pathetic. They didn’t plan for the amount of people wanting to meet her...or else there are people booking multiple names for more time to talk to her. And I KNOW that is the case. Two friends independent of each other have showed me the screenshots of their multiple setups with Different names and numbers. All the virtual stuff is cheated for wwe thunder dome I get it. Only podcasters with positive things to say are chosen. I can prove that. But cricket has to do the absolute worst job I’ve ever seen in customer service if this is any indication. We are doing a promotion. Let’s either not tell anyone until the day before or not at all. I’m easy to reach. Hey cricket. Reach out and make this right. Email me. If you have any marketing and promotional department at all how about having them touch base as well.

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