MMS sending not working

  • 2 August 2019
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I have 4 phones on a family plan, for over a year now.  Just today, none of the phones can send MMS texts.   A return message from "#" will say "Message not found".   I sent an MMS to someone from another carrier -- same thing.   That person then sent me an MMS, and I received it as normal.

SMS works both ways, MMS can be received, but can't sent MMS.  Checking our data usage from the app shows only my phone at 2.8GB usage with the rest <1GB, and we have "unlimited" on each line.

Anyone else having an issue with MMS today?



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7 replies

Yep. Busted on my XS Max. Cricket is failing.

Same problem on a note 9

I just txted a pic (MMS, obviously) to my wife, and it's working again for us.

Same on new moto g7
Get unknown sender msgs from some in mms text, other senders msgs show in same txt! Got new moto g7 phone from cricket couple months ago. Same issue with Moto g4 on cricket over 4 yrs. Store did some adjustments & blamed on Android update. Happening again this morning! Also have msgs that don't download! This is horrible service! What's with cricket & AT&T?

I have same problem. What has temporarily helped is to disable WiFi and reboot iPhone. Guessing this clears the DNS cache. On reboot with WiFi off MMS pictures usually send. In a day or do its back to usual, MMS fails after a long attempt. 

I am having trouble sending to non-Cricket accounts. Sounds as if you are having trouble within phones on your Cricket account? I can’t send MMS but Apple’s iMessage protocol via iCloud works perfectly.

Yeah I'm having the same issue, I have a note 8 very good phone unlocked they're trying to say it's my phone so I put in my S7 still doesn't work I put it in my grand prime still don't work