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  • 7 November 2020
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I switched to Cricket in April 2020 BYOD phone and 2 other Cricket phones. All lines had the Cricket more plan to include the 15GB hotspot. I called into customer service in October to add an additional 15GB hotspot to my line just to be told my phone wasn't compatible. WERID considering I've been using hotspot for MONTHS. It been compatible enough for you to charge me for it. The best part is I wasn't told my phone wasn't compatible until after my payment was received. Then told I couldn't receive a refund, so I sent a complaint to the BBB. Someone from Corporate a month later refunded me my 10.00 only to then suspend my phone lines and request I pay 42.00 to restore service....WOW!  If your not going to allow BYOD phones to have access to all your features QUIT ADVERTISING BRING YOUR OWN DEVICE. No where on the compatible device page does it mention it must be a CRICKET bought device. It only mentions that some carrier unlocked phones may not function properly. Well this phone was never on any other carriers network and I was already getting hotspot for body at Cricket can explain this to me so my own conclusion is you want me to buy a PHONE from Cricket. Sorry not going to pay retail for a phone for Cricket to lock me into there dysfunction for 6 months. Looking for a new wireless network done dealing with inconsistency and lackluster customer service. 


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Hello @kselgado! Welcome to our Cricket Community Forum and thank you for your post. At this time, Cricket requires customers to have an eligible Cricket hotspot device to be able to use hotspot with our service. The only BYOD devices that we allow hotspot with are Apple iPhone's. You can view the full device list of eligible hotspot devices by following the link below:

For further assistance or questions on this, feel free reach to reach out to our Cricket Wireless Support team via Facebook or Twitter. You can also call our Customer Care team at 1-800-Cricket.