My hotspot wont work

  • 23 August 2019
  • 6 replies

I just purchased the Samsung Galaxy j2 pure from cricket as well as the $60 plan that includes hotspot but my hotspot wont turn on. Any idea on how to fix it?

6 replies

call them. or make sure your phone supports it.

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@Good4u Unfortunately it's not a matter of "fixing" anything. Since they track hotspot use separately the phone needs 2 APNs. If the phone doesn't then they can't tell how much hotspot you've used. That is why so many phones aren't on their list. With the old plans you could use as much hotspot as data you had in your plan (ie. 10Gb or 20Gb) and it wasn't tracked separately so pretty much any phone that was capable of hotspot could add it. 

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Apparently your phone, like mine, is not eligible.
I have a Moto G6 on which the hotspot worked fine with AT&T but won't work with Cricket. This is ridiculous and needs to be fixed.
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My mistake, the J2 Pure is listed.
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This is the same phone I had with AT&T and the hotspot worked fine and was limited to 10 GB which they were able to track just fine so the limitation is not with my phone. Perhaps they use a different method of tracking it, which brings me back to my point that they need to fix it.

Similar situation.  Unlimited Plan, eligible for hotspot.  Phone that's on the list of hotspot eligible phones.  Hotspot doesn't work.  Service Rep told me if I bought the phone directly from Cricket it would work.  I could perhaps be convinced to go down that road, but i have no confidence it will actually work - especially given your post and the lack of understanding and clarity from the service reps.