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  • 3 November 2021
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What happend to cricket getting rid of the 8mb down and having 5g my phone is on 5g and when I speed test it shoots up to 75 for a second and right back down to 8


Best answer by Marlena_Cricket 10 November 2021, 16:46

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4 replies

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@Hombresteve you want to make sure that your phone is eligible for 5G on Cricket if it’s not one of their 5G phones..and even tho they removed the speed caps, they still slow speeds when the network is busy, fyi. 

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My phone is eligible and the 5g symbol comes on but no matter what symbol 4g lte or 5g or where I am it maxes at 8

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I have a s20 fe from cricket

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Hi @Hombresteve and welcome to the Community Forum! We recommend checking to make sure your device software is up to date, then restart your device, and perform another speed test. Please send me a PM if you need additional assistance. Be sure to enable your notifications in your profile settings. Thanks!:grinning: