Newest Netgear HotSpot LM1200 won't activate on CricketWireless? (new product Jan 2021 from Netgear)

  • 24 November 2021
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The LM1200 is Netgear’s new Hotspot offering and Cricket IMEI checker says they won’t activate it.  Verizon & T-Mobile will and ATT doesn’t have an IMEI checker anymore, their support staff said I need to drive to an ATT Store had have them put a SIM in it to determine.  The Modem is a CAT 4 LTE modem. 


What’s going on with Cricket?   Just because a modem is 3g capable doesn’t mean they need to can it.  


What am I missing about the 3g capable devices, will they stop working on LTE too?

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