No bars in Kansas City!!

  • 7 September 2019
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I have been a loyal Cricket customer for 20 years now.  This year my service is so bad it's reminding me of the early years.  I drive all over the KC metro daily for my job.  I rely on my GPS and Pandora DAILY.  Rarely do I get more than 2 bars of service, and sometimes I can't even get a map to pull up at all, which leaves me stranded or wandering aimlessly until it decides to load.  I've called customer service multiple times about it.  One time I was told that a tower was down in my area.  Another time I was told it was probably my phone that was the problem, and was told to reset network settings.  I have 4 lines on my account, with 4 different types of phones, and they ALL have 1-2 bars MAX.  This is unacceptable.  As I have perused this community forum, I see that coast to coast people are having the same issues.  What's going on???

2 replies

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Hello @Enigmatic

Our support teams would be happy to troubleshoot the issues you're having. You can reach them via phone, chat, or social media (Facebook or twitter @cricketsupport).


I've tried that...over and over and over... Ya'll are losing a GREAT customer!  I'm leaving!