No coverage refund?

  • 26 December 2018
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I live in a rural area, and I have checked the coverage map for my exact home location.  It shows that I should be able to get 3G and LTE coverage.  However, I've had issues with other providers (also showing I can get decent coverage), and I get no bars at all.

I am wondering; IF my I buy service and my phone does not work at my house... will I be able to get a refund for the plan and sim card fees?

3 replies

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Hey there @katcat55555! Welcome to our Cricket Community Forum and thank you for your post. Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds on services or fees paid. However, we are more than happy to look into your coverage area and give you an idea of what service will be like in your area. To get this information, we ask that you please reach out to our support team on Facebook ( or Twitter (@cricketsupport).

We are in rural area, too, and wondering if we'll buy the phone from you and transfer our existing number to your service - what happened if your service doesn't work in the area, do we need to return the phone or can keep it as we bought from you (the phone will be bought with the existting transfered to you number) and will you return our number so we can transfer it to another working service? Thanks

Good day, can I ask a question - we are in rural area, too, and want to try your service. We want to buy a phone from you and transfer existing number to you service. If your service will not work - do we need to retunr the phone or will keep it and what will happened to our number - will you return it to us so we can transfer it to another service or it will dissapeared? thanks