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  • 19 January 2020
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Heads up, this is not a question. It's a complaint!
I am sick of this dropped data mess!! I am going to switch to another company on my next paycheck.
For TWO FULL WEEKS my data has been cutting on and off. And for a space of time it was completely off!! Can barely make calls, texts or use internet!! Sometimes not at all!! I had to borrow a hot spot from someone to operate my phone by Wi-Fi!
I have Facebook messaged about this problem, left angry posts on their page, called about the problem, gone to Cricket store THREE times.....they reset the APN or they disconnect my phone from the tower (because Cricket CLAIMS it's a tower problem, if that's even true) and then reconnect it again, made a case for my problem and then last night claimed the problem was solved (and it seemed it was until the data dropped, AGAIN, for the millionth time and would only allow "Emergency Calls"). I even got a $10 credit because of this issue. Should've gotten more!
The repetitiveness of this is angering me. I drive Uber and it drops while I am supposed to be delivering an order! I have to restart my phone for it to kick back in, then it drops again later. I also have gotten a new job that requires us to have a phone. What am I to do with a phone that won't work AT WORK!?
I am quitting Cricket, too, and also because of this I'm afraid to deal with ANY company that networks with AT&T!! Ridiculous!

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Hi @CallieHJ welcome to the Community Forum! We're sorry to hear you're to hear that you're experiencing issues with your service. We'd be happy to investigate this matter for you. Please reach out to our Support Team on Facebook ( or Twitter (@cricketsupport) with the details of your issue. We're here to help! Thank you for being a part of the #CricketNation. 

I have had the same exact problem for the last three months. Even when my phone says I have full LTE signal, I have NO data. Sometimes my phone drops ALL signal for anywhere from 5min to an hour at a time. I have already called for assistance and spoken with someone. They had me power my phone down and turn it back on after they did something to the tower. STILL no success in fixing my issue. If it persists any longer, I will be leaving Cricket. This is ridiculous!!!!