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  • 25 June 2020
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For almost a year now I have been asking cricket for help. My phone does not receive calls. Its not the device because I have switched phones and still get the issue. Its not the signal because my wife gets her calls. It even happens when I am traveling out of state over 500 miles from my "normal" area. My wife and I will be in the same room and she will try to call to see if it will work and still nothing. The phone doesnt even register a missed call. All cricket has done for me is say turn your phone off we will send a signal your account is in good standing. What else can I do???

9 replies

I'm having this EXACT same issue on my factory unlocked LG G7. I wouldn't work when I first got the phone a month ago, I could call out and send and receive texts, but I never got any calls whatsoever. All calls instantly went to voicemail as If I was unreachable. Did a factory reset and It fixed it for a month. Then the issue came back but this time I couldn't receive calls nor send texts, but I could call out and see texts sent to me. Went to the cricket store yesterday to see if getting a new sim would help(considering my old sim was going on 4 years old at that point, I was hoping it was just old and misconfigured for my old phone). Getting a new sim only fixed one issue, I could send texts again but still couldn't receive calls. And just like your case, when I turn off 4g and force my phone onto 3g, I can receive calls and everything works normally.

Did you ever find a fix? I am in the same boat. It has something to do with LTE. Once I turn off 4g LTE, I receive calls and can make calls. If I turn off my internet all together, it works fine. As soon as I turn on 4G LTE, no more calls. 2G and 3G, works fine as well

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@fordw16 oh wow, I wonder if it's something to do with your phone number then..good luck! 

Sure did. Not the phone. I've changed from an iPhone to and Android. Got a new SIM card. Wife's SIM worked in my phone and she got her calls. Mine in hers still not ringing. Cricket is looking into a "routing" issue but haven't heard anything. They actually have to call my landline to get ahold of me to try and work the issue.
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@fordw16 have you swapped SIMs w/ your wife to see if it's your phone or the SIM card itself?

I'm lucky if it rings 2 times in a day. My wife and I will test it and be in the same room, call multiple times never rings. People end up leaving a message or text me to call them. So, to say ANY is a bit much, let's go with 98-99% of the time.
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@fordw16 So, you don't receive ANY calls AT all? 

Thanks for the suggestion. It's not that. I even upgraded my SIM card to the newest version by Crickets suggestion still no luck.
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Hey! That's happened to me before! It turned out my Do Not Disturb feature was turned on and sent all my calls to voicemail. Not sure if that's been the case with you, but it's definitely worth a shot to check!:smileyvery-happy: