Not receiving group texts

  • 7 May 2019
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Ever since getting my new Alcatel phone, I cannot see the content of any group texts. The text 'bubble' appears, but it always says 'message cannot be downloaded'.
How can this be rectified? My mother has several health issues, and I'm missing texts from my siblings about her.

6 replies

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@Heritage367  Please try connecting to Wi-Fi and see if the text will download. If you are on Wi-Fi and the text is not download disconnect and see if it will down load with our service off of Wi-Fi.

Tried that several times, it does not work. Also it doesn't actually show up as a group text. I just get blank texts under the individual contact's name, though I see any individual texts they send me.
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@Heritage367 Please PM/DM us on our National Facebook ( ) or Twitter page (@cricketsupport) with the issues so that we can open a case for you.

open your messaging app, be on the main screen in messages, not in a message.

hit the 3 dots on the upper right

choose settings

choose advanced

make sure auto download MMS is on, use simple characters is off 

then click Group messaging on the top.

Change selection to -  Send an MMS reply to all recipients (group MMS)

After doing the above, delete the group message you created and start it from scratch. 

What if "advanced messaging" is greyed out, and i am unable to click it?
Ive been just dealing w the fact that i don't have group texting (not sure if this is an android issue or cricket issue or both?) But im starting a new job where I will need group messaging.