O2 UK not receiving texts.

  • 15 September 2019
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Up until Aug 29th, my brother who lives in England was receiving my texts without any issues. After that date he's not received any of the texts I've sent him, but I can receive texts from him. My sister who is on the same network as him (O2 UK) received the test text I sent her. I also tried texting him from the 3 other phones on my plan and he never received any. He went and had his sim card changed to see if that would solve it, but he's still not getting them. I haven't changed my plan or had anything else added to it, so what would be causing this?


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7 replies

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@Larry71 It sounds like he may have accidentally blocked you. If he's using an iPhone this is under settings>messages>blocked. For Android I think it is under the settings in the messages app.


He checked his phone, and has no blocked numbers. I also tried to text his number from the 3 other cricket lines I have on my plane and he never got any. I had my friend who has cricket text him and he never received that one.

Are there any different apn or service center settings to try?

Thanks for the reply.


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@Larry71  Please reach out to our support team on Facebook or Twitter for further assistance.

Thanks. I sent them a message.

I contacted them and they asked for my number. Sent it to them yesterday morning, and heard nothing back. 

My cousin in England has GiffGaff service (uses O2 network) and she received my text. 

My brother sent me a text this morning (from his O2 number), I replied, but he never got it again.

Is there another service center number I can try? I have +13123149810

They weren't much help. Ask for my number, told them. They then asked what plan I have, told them the 4 lines unlimited for $100 per month with the $5 international landline calling. They said the $5 doesn't do international texts. I told them I know that and my unlimited plan has international texts on it. They then said everything is ok this side, so it must be on the other end.

My brother has had his phone and sim changed. Had o2 go through his account and they found nothing wrong.

My cousin (also in the UK) has giffgaff service (runs on o2 lines) receives my texts.

My other brother (also in the UK) has VodaFone and he receives my texts.

I tried texting him from all 4 lines on my account, and had a friend who has cricket text him. He never received any of them. I receive texts from him, so what could be the problem?

I've been with Cricket for almost 3 years, never had a late payment or any problems up until Aug 29th when texting stopped.

Any ideas?

Looks like I fixed the problem.

I did a factory reset on my phone last night, this morning both my brother and sister got the texts I sent them.

Aaaaaand relax! :smileyhappy: