ordered placed but never shipped out for more than 20 days!!!

  • 24 January 2022
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I called the customer service to order a new phone to upgrade my current 3g phone on Jan 3rd. I received email confirmation with order number: 2225806324513097 and then shipping confirmation email with a Fedex shipping track number: 551419658808 quickly after that. But when I traced the order on Fedex, it always showed: The delivery date may be updated when FedEx receives the package. I called Fedex many time after that, they told me they never receive the package from cricket yet. I also regularly checked my order status on cricket online and called customer service many times. They always told me to wait and wait, even this order is a 2 business days shipping order. On Jan 10th, my old 3g phone suddenly lost service and when I chat with the customer service online. I was told the new device was activated that caused my old phone lost service. But Fedex didn’t receive the package and deliver it to me yet. How could it be activated? Since then I chatted with customer service online 3-4 times/day, 1-1.5 hours/time, since it was the only way I can reach out to them. One of them helped me created a case report on Jan 10th. I spent hours and hours to chat with them to check the status of my case. I always told to wait and wait. Today it was 13 days after the case was reported and 20 days since the ordered was placed, I talked to one of the customer service. He told me the case was never read. That’s is impossible for anyone to take care my case and solve my issue. On last Friday, I had to buy another SIM card to insert to the only old phone I have to restore the service on my old phone. But the service only last two days and suspended. I chatted the customer service today, they told me due to my old phone is not 5g compatible, so they suspended my service after 2 days resorted. They can help me reactivate the service but it will only last two days because my phone is not 5g compatible. Now, the new phone I ordered was lost at Cricket at which no one care about it even I am a 5 years loyalty customer. My current service will be suspended anytime. I tried to order another phone online to upgrade my phone. I was told my line was upgraded on Jan 10th, so that I can not order an phone for free. However, the fact is that I never get that phone even it was activated. I spent many time to fix this issue since I placed the order on Jan 3rd. The case is still not solved. I am so angry and disappointing for the service of Cricket. I am think to leaving cricket to other supplier. It is really not worth of my time. 

2 replies

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Hello @C2022Wphy! We are sorry to hear about the delay with your online order. We are happy to work with our warehouse to have your device reshipped out to you. We will get this requested today and follow up with you once the order has been reshipped. We do apologize for the inconvenience and our goal is to get this resolved for you as soon as possible :green_heart:

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Thanks James. I hope this is the final shot that I have to contact Cricket about this issue. I am so tired of it. Please let me know any update ASAP.