Parent Controls

  • 22 April 2019
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Is there a way through Cricket Wireless that a parent can turn service to a phone on or off at any time without calling customer service?

7 replies

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Unfortunately we do not have a parental control service.  Some devices you can set this up from the actual phone.  

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It would be a very useful feature to add, even if I had to pay extra it would be great to be able to shut off my teens phones at bed time as well as a form of punishment... Like feed your cats,feed your cats, get off the phones and feed your cats.... Open apps .. CLICK... "My phone is off! Mine too!!!... Well FEED YOUR CATS!!!... LOL let's work on this ability cricket.. "for additional fees we can manage the phones on our accounts we have in our name.

I find it funny that this is the exact same thing that I am able to do this with my credit cards, but something that I pay a lot more money for is incapable or unwilling to do this for their customers. It’s all good and well when everything goes fine without a problem, but as soon as they lie to you on the phone, and screw you out of services, they are not willing to do anything to resolve the problem they created, and expect the customer to pay more for something that I already pay for. Don’t expect this service to be available from a company that ONLY worries about how much money they can suck out of their customers.

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seriously!  this needs to be a priority!  parents who pay a good amount each month to have phones not only for themselves in todays expected world of everyone having a cell phone, but especially crucial for the kids they also pay this price to have service for phones.  You just about have to have this 'so-called luxury'  even those  who are on welfare can get a phone.. my point is a cell phone is a necessity more than it is a luxury.  we all agree, i'm sure.  you cant do too much today without one . people are addicted to their phones, some just need it for basics, some need it for home security.  most who are parents need it to know where their teenagers are.  so why on earth isnt parental control services or applications at all available?  is that not freaking insane/?   it is crazy that you cannot or will not implement parental controls. I think I speak for many mom's today!!!!!  what gives.. get it done please!   it's  a crucial and  mandatory feature..  ! it's such an urgent priority and it should be as such with your company. 

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I dont mean to sound out of control.  I want control  as a parent should have this.. if i have my phone line and additional lines as administrator of account i  would expect this to be in operation with my affiliation as an account affiliated customer.   why is this not a priority with servicing your customers? 

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could you please elaborate on your answer to the question or more specific.. concern.. some devices/? which device has this feature.. and more importantly.. any of these devices are available on your network?  love to know the solution because parental control is a top priority for every parent!! please respond be detailed and specific.. thanks .. cant wait for your answer!!!!!!!!!

Totally agree I have a ADHD/ ODD kid that always gets around punishment by still using his service and hot spot when I pause his room and devices from internet if there was a feature just as easy as my cable provider gives me to access with just a push of a button I wouldn't have no more worries and punishment would be so much easier..