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In my account summary page online and in app shows that I have one add-on feature to one of my lines in my family plan and on the second line it says that there are two add-on features. I currently have no add-on features nor have I ever had additional features. To clarify my question, I have contacted cricket customer service and they were dismissive and gave useless suggestions but I am not being billed for these mysterious add-ons. Thank god I just want to know why it even indicates that they are there. This is not a unimportant or stupid question, this is a valid inquiry and could indicate more serious glitches involving money at some point. Though crickets outsourced customer service agents from you know where don't seem to give a you know what about you know who! I think you do.


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Oh and a side note about crickets little automated chat DECEPTICON is just a useless subterfuge to deflect customers and slow the help process.

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The Phantom is a popular custom mechanical keyboard kit that allows users to build their own keyboards according to their preferences. In addition to the basic components of the Phantom kit, there are several add-on features that users can purchase to customize their keyboard further. Here are some of the most popular Phantom add-on features:

  1. Underglow Lighting: This feature adds LED lights underneath the Keybolab Topre guide, providing a glow that illuminates the desk. This feature can be customized to different colors and patterns.

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Hi @Daymon77 and welcome to the Community Forum! The features you’re seeing may be those that are included with your plan, such as 5G, RCS Advanced Messaging, Stream-More Video Optimization, or Wi-Fi Calling to name a few. We’d be happy to review your account to confirm what they are. Feel free to send our team a PM to @CricketSupport and include the name on your account and your wireless number. 

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Thank you, that is a logical explanation and since I have no additional charges on my monthly bill I'm satisfied with that solution to my questions.