Phone number unable to receive texts or calls

  • 11 June 2021
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My phone can not receive texts or calls, for the third time in the past 2 months. The first time it happened I ordered a new phone directly from Cricket assuming it was a hardware issue as my previous phone was 4 years old, but the issue persisted to the new phone.

I can send texts and make outgoing calls, but my phone number can not receive them. I can call or text my wife, who is also on cricket and sitting right next to me, and it goes through with no issue. When she calls or texts me back I receive nothing. A few hours later the text will come through.

The last two times the customer support person "reset my network" to fix it, but it should not keep happening and I need this fixed permanently.

Everything else works fine on my phone. Apps all work in real time, Facebook messenger and video chat all work fine, but anything running through my phone number is dead.

1 reply

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It seems you’ve reached out to our Support team on Facebook about this issue as well. Please return there, as they are creating a case to swiftly resolve this issue for you.