Port out scam!!

  • 30 October 2019
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My BUSINESS number was ported our 10/25/19 to H2O wireless. Cricket has NOT been of any help! I’ve called countless amounts of times went they are telling me to be patient. How can I be patient when I am not making ANY MONEY????? I’ve talked to countless supervisors and CSR they are treating me like I’ve done this to my own account!!!! Tomorrow is day 6 without my phone. DAY 6 without making any money!!! Cricket DOES NOT CARE!!! When I get my number back. I AM LEAVING THIS SH*THOLE!!!

2 replies

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Hello @Kayyrena. That really stinks, however, it is not necessarily Cricket's fault. I have seen posts on forums from just about every carrier where this has been happening. Most of the time it has been from the online password or pin being hacked. Unfortunately the process to get the number back isn't easy since Cricket has to prove that the number was taken without your permission and has to work with whatever other carrier the number was ported to. I think I saw someone else post about this and they were able to get it taken care of pretty quick by messaging Cricket's Facebook team. I hope it works out for you!

Did you ever get your number back? I've also just had this done to me on Nov 15 and kept getting told the same thing to be patient and wait. And my number was also ported to h2o wireless. What the heck is going on.