• 13 October 2020
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This is my Positive Review for Katie B at 3686 Airport Blvd, Mobile 36608


I've been dealing with Ms. Katie since the middle of Covin 'crisis' when my original cricket store closed, the one nearest to me.  I found Katie B's store and walked in with an attitude.  She managed to calm me down and ever since, I've had a very copacetic relationship with her.  She has been SO EASY to work with.  VERY pleasant, VERY professional, and VERY kind! As much as I hate to pay bills, she's managed to help me every time and I think one day, she'll be selling me a smart phone and help me to use it!  **One time, I left my phone there and It was there the next day I picked it up.. She just laughed at me.  I think she's great and I hope she stays on at Cricket a long time!

Thank you Ms. Katie B!  I truly appreciate you!



Tracy Petersen. :)

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