problem with refer-a-friend in the app

  • 15 February 2022
  • 4 replies

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Recently when I have tried to refer a friend using the app it says it cannot connect to the server. I even went into the store and they got the same message. There is a bug in the app please fix it

4 replies

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Hi @Revnancys !

Thanks for your post. I would suggest making sure you have the latest MyCricket update installed, and that your device has the latest software installed as well. It would also be a good idea to try using cellular data (Wi-Fi off). Hope this helps!

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Thanks for responding. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app. I have updated my phone. I have turned my phone completely off and then turned it back on. I tried just about everything. As I mentioned when I went to the store the man working there got the same notice on his phone. So I'm open to any more suggestions thank you

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Still doesn't work

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