Quitting Cricket!

My signal keeps disappearing every few minutes and then coming back, disappearing and coming back, every 3-4 minutes for 2 days now I can hardly do anything with my phone. This is the 4th time in the past 2 months this has happened. All 4 times on a Sunday-Monday. What's going on with the towers in my area? Who knows. Every time I can call customer service I get someone in the Philippines who tells me there doesn't seem to be any problem in my area. They don't know anything. So now I'm done with Cricket and in 2 weeks I'm changing to a different company. I highly recommend anyone who has issues not to waste any more of their time and just ditch Cricket since they don't care about customers with issues anyway. You'll just go around in circles with nothing ever resolved.

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Also, this is happening to my wife's phone (a different phone) as well and at the very same time.  I've put my sim card in a couple other different backup phones and the same result.  I normally get 3-4 bars LTE signal for 2 years now with the same phone and same APN settings.  So it's not my phone or the settings and I WILL NOT TROUBLESHOOT anything anymore!  I'M DONE!

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So did you come for help or ideas to solve your issue or just to get that off of your chest? 

I am not happy with the service too. This company doesn`t care for my business


Its not the towers its CRICKET!...im leaving them and going back to straight talk. I asked a question about disabling voicemail and got a robotic answer to visit a website where i would get the answer.....i thought i would get the answer here. Since this is a forum about cricket. WRONG! also i can disable wifi and it automatically enables itself over and over. When it does i cant connect to anything. My experience with cricket sucks.
I came here to get help but got none....you people need to read and find out what a forum is rather than referring the poster to somewhere else. Its a place where your question is answered not a place to suggest they go to a link for their answer.....think....dont you think i and they did that? Thats why i and they joined this forum......for HELP!!!
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The moderators ask you to reach out to them using phone or social media because in order to solve your problem they will need private information thats illegal to post on a public website. In the case of the voicemail, if the settings arent in the phone a rep would have to disable it remotely. Did you reach out to them using the methods that they suggested? 



Just like their parent company AT&T. I got 3 different prices for a 2 phone plan with them ( 1 online and 1 each from 2 different stores). At the one store the manager was trying to get rid of us because we were asking to many questions about the service and prices! Great way to treat potential new customers!!

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@mat1258  You do know that you can check out the pricing online and order your devices on the Cricket Wireless website. 

Yes I do, you need to go back and read who I mentioned!

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@mat1258  Wow calm down just trying to help!

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yeah that was unnecessarily harsh 

Same thing here!! I'm sick of it!! I am going to switch to another company on my next paycheck.
For TWO FULL WEEKS my data has been cutting on and off. And for a space of time it was completely off!! Can barely make calls, texts or use internet!! Sometimes not at all!! I had to borrow a hot spot from someone to operate my phone by Wi-Fi!
I have Facebook messaged about this problem, left angry posts on their page, called about the problem, gone to Cricket store THREE times.....they reset the APN or they disconnect my phone from the tower (because Cricket CLAIMS it's a tower problem, if that's even true) and then reconnect it again, made a case for my problem and then last night claimed the problem was solved (and it seemed it was until the data dropped, AGAIN, for the millionth time and would only allow "Emergency Calls"). I even got a $10 credit because of this issue. Should've gotten more!
The repetitiveness of this is angering me. I drive Uber and it drops while I am supposed to be delivering an order! I have to restart my phone for it to kick back in, then it drops again later. I also have gotten a new job that requires us to have a phone. What am I to do with a phone that won't work AT WORK!?
I am quitting Cricket, too, and also because of this I'm afraid to deal with ANY company that networks with AT&T!! Ridiculous!