Does Cricket have any plans to adopt RCS universal profile (not ATT's proprietary "advanced messaging") anytime soon or ever?

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@TrippRapp Hi there, thank you for posting on our community forum. Currently we do have the RCS universal profile but only on the new LG Stylo 5.

Thanks for your answer but I have Pixel device's (all RCS compatible) and no desire to downgrade.
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@TrippRapp You're welcome! If we add more devices we will make sure to provide this on our website.

Thanks. I'll check back in a few months. Hopefully by then the network will have added unlocked, capable devices like the Pixel 2 XL, or at least have plans to do so.
+2 another pixel owner and his wife waiting on cricket to roll out rcs to the rest of us... May have to switch to Google Go for it... Smh
As far as I know in regards to not just rcs but with hotspot capabilities as well cricket has NOT been very pixel friendly. Which is unfortunate because the only comparable brand is apple and I don't want to give up my independence to keep a quality phone.

This has been my issue for a while. Cricket has always had quality service and amazing rates but pretty terrible phones

As someone else noted earlier I don't want to downgrade in order to use my device in its fullest extent.

I've been with cricket for about 8 years but it might be time to make that switch if they (essentially) keep on forcing the sale of one of there crappy phones in exchange for full plan use.

I don't want to, but it is what it is.

I tried it but due to Cricket not having RCS it doesn't work properly, this is also due to AT&T having a proprietary RCS system. Coming from a Pixel 4 user that works for cricket.
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I am using a Samsung Note 8 and had RCS turned on, but ran into a ton of group text message issues all weekend long.  I just turned RCS off and now group text messages are coming in again.

Bottom line, don't use RCS yet.

I bought 3 samsung 21+ unlocked phones, an s20+ and an s7 tablet for my plan, all unlocked n dont have rcs or even an option. Cricket get your head out your ass. Im going to take my business somewhere else if you cant get this right. Cant send a video from one device to another without it looking like an 80s video gam? Apple has had this nailed down for years. Makin everyone else look like dumb asses right now. N i hate come on lets get shit together already.