rcs in 2021 s21+ unlocked

  • 20 June 2021
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Why cant i get my s21+ unlocked phone that cost $1000 plus the other 3 i bought for my plan not send stupid videos to eachother cuz cricket or samsung wont give me an rcs option? Come on you guys i dont want to use google messenger anymore because it doesnt customize which is the number one reason i left apple.

Its 2021 and i cant send a video from one device to another without it looking like super mario 1? This shouldnt even be a topic of discussion anymore since it has been since the s9. Get it together asap or your going to lose a family plan over here. 


1 reply

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Hi @Professor awe 

Thanks for posting. At the moment, advanced messaging (RCS) is only available with compatible devices on our network. For more information on compatible devices, and for updates on new devices added you can check out the link below.

Advanced Messaging