Referral credit not received as promised

  • 9 March 2021
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So I took my two old friends into a store to change service from T-Mobile to Cricket. After a grueling 3 hours of trying to port over their phone numbers, I was told I would be contacted the following day regarding the referral credit. That call never came. I was told to send them my referral code via email, which I did, but their service was already activated by that time (we were literally still waiting at the store). She couldn’t figure out how to apply the credits after service had been activated and said she would chat with her manager and get back to me. The app only shows the progress as “referral codes sent” and won’t move to the “claimed” stage. This is frustrating because Cricket hyped up this referral process.

2 replies

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Hi @Help 

We’re sorry to hear about your experience. For the Refer a Friend program to work properly, your friend would click the link you sent, and obtain a unique 13 character referral code emailed to them before activating services. After service is activated, your friend would redeem their code in “My Account” or the MyCricket app within 30 days of receiving the code. We would recommend checking with the store manager for further assistance.

Refer A Friend FAQ

I did that last night. Called them and was told I would receive a return call. They did not call me back. It’s painfully obvious that Cricket’s low prices mean a huge sacrifice in customer service. I called 611 also and explained it to a rep. He wrongly assured me that I’d be receiving the credit after they activated service. I had to tell him multiple times service had already been activated. It was clear he did not have an understanding of my issue. This is exhausting, and I’m about ready to switch carriers.