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  • 14 October 2018
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I would LOVE to have ringback tones with my Cricket service. I love listening to great music while waiting for people to answer the phone and want this service through Cricket. Will this ever be offered with Cricket ?

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13 replies

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Hey @mawmawscricket,

We appreciate your request! While we don't currently have plans to offer ringback tones things are always changing so stay tuned for any updates!

When will cricket come out with a ringback tone app
Will cricket wireless ever get ring back tones like soon
I don't understand why Cricket hasn't offered a ringback tone yet. honestly I think a ringback tone helps set a mood with the person calling. If you know how to use the ringback tone properly. Simply by playing something soothing and easy listening elevator music if you will. Helps to calm a person before a conversation. I really wish Cricket would offer this! As a paying and very loyal customer I would definitely Advocate the use of ringback tone's by cricket. please cricket make this change soon and capable of being personalized which is the most important part of the Callback ringtone.
I think ringback tones are important. having a ringback tone set for your personal phone helps set a mood so when people call for instance in my case I like them to feel relaxed and casual by playing soft easy listening music helps shut that feeling. No one likes someone to call and be in a bad mood at them the ringtone being soothing helps calm the person which helps the conversation. And works in other ways as well. I think it is a necessity I know people who honestly I only use a certain phone company which I'm sure most snow because they have ringback tones as crazy as that sounds it is truthful I think Cricket would do well by offering this auction and doing it soon thank you for listening to my comment please reply I'm always interested to hear what others have to say on this topic or any for that matter.
I love ring back tones

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I agree I want ringback tones too!!! I loved them!!


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