Samsung S8+ Mobile Hotspot

  • 20 February 2020
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I have a Samsung Galaxy S8+ and I want to know if the Mobile Hotspot feature will work on the S8+.  All of the S line is listed as being compatible with the HotSpot but not the Plus versions.  I chatted online and the support person at first responded yes the S8 will work but then I re-clarified that I was asking about the S8+.  The said only if I purchased the phone from Cricket.  They don't sell an S8+ so obviously that doesn't help and I don't want to buy a new phone.  So I went to a store and they were even more clueless than than the  CSR so I thought while I was at the store they could provide me a SIM to test.  They said I could purchase a SIM and try it but if it didn't work they couldn't give me a refund.   That is absurd!  All I want to  know is will the Mobile Hotpost work on my phone before I purchase a SIM.  I currently use the phone with Simple Mobile on the TMobile network.  It used to be an ATT phone.

3 replies

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It might work, but it won't be legal and they will probably find out at some point and tell you to stop using the hotspot feature or your service will be terminated.

If I buy the Hotspot service, why wont it be "legal"?  Not sure I understand.

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You didn't mention you were going to pay for the hotspot separately. I thought only Cricket branded phones were abbe to use the hotspot feature in their $60 plan. I'm not sure if you are able to add the hotspot separately on other phones.