• 15 June 2021
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Yes I have a Question about my phone company I been with over 10years, the phone my son used for about 4 years , he upgraded to new phone so we all use the older phone when 1 of our phones break and have to be sent in , but today while using that same phone they shut my service off and said that the phone wasnt compatible with the service even those ive used it for a year and son has used it for 4 tears on there service . They telling me they can sell me a phone I told them i already bought a new phone through samsung ,that it wouldnt be here till the 29th of this month ,and that is why im using my sons back up phone that we always use . they tell me i cant use that phone anymore ,that i need to buy one of there , to me this is scamming people to purchase a phone that they dont need I already have a phone that works fine and i have a text and phone call come in to today and talked on it then they shut service off even tho im payed in full. thank you for you time Steve

3 replies

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I think the device you are trying to use is a device that is not VOLTE compatible with Cricket / ATT. They stopped activating those this year, but if you had it in use before the deadline and did not move SIM card to another phone, you should have been able to keep using it until the end of the year. It sucks, but I guess they just want everyone to be off phones that won’t be compatible when they shut down 3G network later on.




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