Set up phone to use my Google Voice's voicemail

  • 6 November 2019
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I now have an unlocked Google pixel phone.  On my previous phones calls to my Cricket number that were unanswered would go to the voicemail box of my Google Voice number, but now with this new phone I can't do the same call forwarding set up any more.  

I tried *74 followed by the google voice number but got "we couldn't connect that call"

I tried *74 followed by the google voice number followed by #, and got "connection problem or invalid MMI code."

How do I set up my Cricket number so that it does this call forwarding when the phone is not answered?   Thank you.


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Hello @bigcricket

Thank you for your post! At this time we do not support conditional call forwarding. You can forward all calls to your Google voice number using the call forwarding feature.


While the official policy may be that Cricket doesn't support CCF, I was able to set up Google Voice using the instructions here:


Using my phone's dialpad, I typed: **004*yourgooglevoicenumbergoeshere#


Have you tried the instructions for AT&T?



ACTUALLY, it does work on the Cricket service. Here is how:


It should even display all the settings it changed.

Hello can you help me with my connection problem mmi, when I use these numbers of my operator (of course Honduras) that are * 120 # of consultation and the activation of internet packet * 777 #. an error message appears, a connection problem or invalid mmi code has been passed. how can i solve this problem on lg x210cm. Thank you.