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  • 25 September 2018
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Ordered a new phone w/sim card...have to activate it yet...want to know if I can install this SIM CARD into my Android LG instead of the phone I got in the mail.

Phone is too small for my hands and the Android fits my hands better...originally got phone from the cricket store in Aug. of 2017 in Jacksonville, Fl. let service expire a few months ago and want to reinstate the phone using the new SIM CARD...IS THIS POSSIBLE??

If can't answer on forum please forward to tech support and maybe they can answer this question or email me the answer::. THANK-YOU.


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1 reply

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Hello @Bluerose623,

As long as the sim card is the same size you can use it in your other phone. Just activate the order and then insert the sim in the phone you would like to use. If the phone accepts a different sized sim you can purchase a replacement in store or online.