slow 5G speeds.... this is dumb

  • 14 July 2022
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This is pretty much unusable.  In some areas in Denver cricket is fine.  But in a lot of areas with 5 bars and "5g" it is totally unusable.




I have reset my network settings.  I have warrantied my phone.  I have made sure my plan is setup as the 60 dollar a month extra plan.  




This is really slow, mostly unusable. I call support, they tell me everything looks ok on their end, I do a test while still on the phone, and whala, it's working.  Not great, 20mbps, but usable. As soon as I hang up the phone, it's back to dial up speeds.   Seriously, stuff doesn't load.




I can't deal with this.  Especially for the price I'm paying.  I never had trouble like this with boost mobile.  Never.  Or AT&T...same towers as AT&T???  I'm not buying that.  




I'm already looking to port back to boost with some free phone they have.  




Someone from cricket needs to follow up and fix this.  I wanted to go into my settings and disable 5G and do LTE only.  But the dream 5g doesn't have that options.  

3 replies

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Dude, cricket service is great. Sure they don’t baby you but that’s life 😁. 5G isn’t available everywhere so how could you blame them for your choice in phone like whaaaa? 

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I am at this point searching for some obvious plan. Dunkinrunsonyou survey


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I feel your pain. The Dream 5 g is Crickets phone! That's how he can blame them! The dream is a nightmare, I am on my 3rd, by way of warranty replacements, same problems as before and no solutions. They won't replace with a different brand, just keep sending one defective phone after another.