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  • 17 December 2018
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So someone has stolen my brothers LG Fortune 2 and is still using the phone. The dude has been messaging people saved in the contacts pretending to be my brother. He's using the data, making calls and messaging numbers as I'm writing this. Is there anyway to locate the device remotely before blocklisting it? Not sure what all apps he's got on his phone or if any allow premission for location/GPS. And if theres no way to locate it, can I suspend and/or wipe the phone in the morning on the 17th (when customer support is available) and be able to use the upgrade to get a new phone that becomes available on the 18th?Or does suspending the line cause you to not be able to use the upgrade?

4 replies

Really I don't care about locating the device. I'm just wondering if I've suspend the line a day before the upgrade is available, will I still be able to use it to replace the stolen phone? Cause I'd like to know before suspending it and I'd really like to get it locked or wiped so he isn't doing his nonsense on it anymore while I'm stuck footing the bill. But I'd hate to screw him outta getting a cheaper phone just cause it's a day early.

I said respectfully as possible it's just like there's some people work for theirs and earned them money evidently you didn't you got your phone for free mommy or daddy or girlfriend bought it for you so I was probably why you don't care about the device it probably cost six or $800 easily so why should somebody show you the same respect that you're asking for answer that question

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Hi DMTdreamz! We are sorry to hear you have lost a phone on your account. You can suspend the device and still be eligible for an upgrade when you have reached your upgrade eligibility date. 


Yeah but what's that going to do to help me now I need a phone I'm using a friend's phone right now I can't wait past expiration date can someone help me with the phone please