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  • 10 November 2018
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Hi, this is more a suggestion than a question, but I don't know where to post it, so I guessed here would be fine.
Long time ago I was with T-Mobile and besides their problem with coverage and high priced plans, they had one very cool feature: all the streamed music won't count in your data transfers, so you could use whatever service you liked (Google Play, iTunes, Spotify, Pandora...) with no decrease in your available data, very convenient if you use this kind is music services.
Are you guys planning our have you ever thought to offer a similar feature? It will be perfect!
Besides that, cricket is the best wireless company in the US!

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11 replies

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Hello @juanjharo,

We appreciate your post. With our Unlimited plans there is no need to worry about anything counting against your data use since it's unlimited!

This is not true at all! Its limited even though it says unlimited. Its capped at 22g per month if you pay for hotspot at +$10 a month when u use more than 22g ur bandwith is reduced to a 128kbps which is insaine! You cant do anything w that!
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@Mofookin Our unlimited plans are not capped. Speeds may be slowed if there is congestion (after 22Gb on the Unlimited plan and at all times on the Unlimited Extra plan) but speeds will remain normal if there is no congestion and will return to normal if they are slowed once congestion eases. Also, having hotspot does not affect this policy. The hotspot feature allows for 10Gb of high speed hotspot use. 

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