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  • 23 April 2023
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I have 3 phones on my account all active all paid up. My bill was due about a week ago I just switched to cricket. A full month went by and my bill was due I didn’t know and woke up to my being off. Cricket said they sent messages which I didn’t get but I got online it showed me my bill and I paid it my service didn’t become active so I called cricket. Cricket tells me that even tho my bill didn’t show it I have to pay an extra $15 to reactivate the phones. That should have been on my bill and wasn’t which means I shouldn’t have had to pay it that’s when cricket tells me that they sent messages I should have known about it. I didn’t get them so I thought cricket never sent them. However since paying I have noticed (which remember they made me pay a $15 reactivation fee for it being off a few hours) my messages are not working correctly I can send a text and once in a while it goes thru but most of the time I get a red exclamation point and I have to click it and hit try again. It takes about 3 times of doing that before the message says it goes thru. It says it went thru on my end but others are not getting the message. I also found out that I am not receiving messages. My husband sent me 6 messages I got 2 and all his say sent. When looking thru my husbands messages that’s when I saw he didn’t get my messages either he had about 2 of the 8 to 10 messages I sent. This was not an issue the first month this only started the 2nd month of service. We have tried airplane mode on and off as well as wifi on and off we have restarted the phones we have literally tried everything. Also the 3rd phone on the plan which belongs to my son is also having the same issues however he don’t text much he uses Snapchat so he has just ignored it. Which no matter if we use texting or not we pay for a service that we aren’t getting. 2 of the phones are iPhones and the 3rd phone is a Motorola moto g stylus. I switched companies to come to cricket and I am not happy that I am being charged to pay my phone bill which is crazy but also charged to turn the phones back on if I don’t make a payment on time. Metro never did any of those things and had better service and was cheaper. If I am paying all this extra money I shouldn’t be having these issues at all there is no excuse. If I was not stuck with cricket for 6 months I would have already switched back to metro but our phones won’t unlock until we hit 6 months. Obviously I am not the only one with these issues as I have seen post after post about it. Also there is no assistance on Sundays which is ridiculous I mean people have issues on Sunday just like any other day. I definitely think cricket needs to step up their game as well as customer service.


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Hello @Walinskimegan! Welcome to our Cricket Community Forum and thank you for your post. We’re sorry to hear about your recent troubles with making a payment to your account. Cricket sends payment information notificiations via SMS to all numbers on the account. You can also sign into your online account via web browser or myCricket app to get payment due information. When payments are not made by the due date, customers will be charged a reactivation fee ($15 for a mult-line account and $5 for single line accounts). 

We would like to get more information on your network issues. For further assistance, be sure to send us a DM @CricketSupport 👍

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