• 25 December 2018
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Won't send text messages, says Cricket here! we are sorry but your text message failed. Your destination not supported from your current location. I'm in Baja CA, Mexico and trying to text someone in the USA.

However I CAN respond to text messages and they go through.  I have the all everything unlimited plan. Any ideas or solutions would be apreciated... contacted Cricket wireless support and they couldn't figure out why... no help.

5 replies

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Hey there @Loboron! Welcome to our Cricket Community Forum and thank you for your post. Regarding this issue, we would need to get additional details from on what device you are using, what rate plan you are on, etc. We ask that you please reach out to our support team on Facebook (m.me/cricketnation) or Twitter (@cricketsupport) with additional information.

Hi, and thank you for the reply,

By way of introduction, I'm a 78 year old cancer survivor from the 90's and recently diagnosed with Metastatic Prostrate cancer.  I'm retired and living in EnsenadaI, northern Baja CA, MX. I need this feature so I can communicate with my treatment team.  I don't do/have any social networking accounts like Facebook/ Twitter, etc.

I have a Samsung Galaxy Halo, purchased Jan 2018. The plan I selected is the "50" plan. "Unlimited Phone, data, and texting anywhere. Includes Mexico, USA and Canada.

I am having the same problem with texting Tried calling cricket and they said to bring phone to them so they can look at it

Is just got this message today. 
Cricket here! We are sorry but your text message failed. Your destination is not supported from your current location.

I am on an Apple phone. I could not send messages to an android phone. I was traveling and on a different providers cell. But I could reach Apple phones on the different provider. 

Fortunately, I never had any technical problems with texting. All my problems were in writing this message and no more.