texts & emails delayed/calls not getting through

It may be a coincidence but I've noticed these problems ever since upgrading from Nougat to Oreo 8.0 on my Moto Z Play.

It's not ALL the time but it enough to be REALLY annoying. Text and emails can take up to hours before i get them. Friend messaged me and it didn't show up till over an hour after he sent it thru Hangouts. Sister sent a message through WhatsApp and that took over an hour till I got it. Same with the stock Android message app.

Also calls not coming through. My sister called 3x the other day and I never heard the call or even had a notification that she called 3 times.

I already reset my network and all that stuff. Any ideas? It's become problematic...don't really want to leave Cricket but if Cricket is the problem then I have no option :(

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Im not sure but I have noticed that 3mbps down on cricket is alot slower than it was on AT&T sounds like they have poor management software I think it goes through a proxy server and its also a CDMA network not GSM but for the price im paying im sticking with it no other carrier competes just wished they offered wifi calling to every non cricket compatible device that way service would be based off of your internet connection I live in a rural area and its very much needed
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I heard cricket was supposed to merge with AT&T and basically be AT&T's former prepaid service and it would become a GSM network but when I force my phone to LTE only it will not make or receive phone calls only on LTE/WCDMA when I was with AT&T I could use LTE only to make and receive calls and forcing my phone to GSM using hidden engineer menus also will not work at all with cricket so that tells me its CDMA
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Cricket is the problem. As far as them helping you, all you will hear is CRICKETS. Switch sooner than later.
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Why struggle w/Cricket??? There are so many providers that actually provide service. Ditch Cricket.
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true they will provide service but you will pay ridiculously for it I just switched from AT&T 5 lines paying almost $300 a month for 4 lines and now with cricket I have 5 lines for only $125 a month im not going anywhere I have good services it might be your phone spend the extra money and geat a real phone its worth it people expect a cheap $100 phone to work like a $1000 phone its not going to happen sorry 

Same here sony xz 2 android 8 flagship products not working ridiculous. Teck support from cricket is terrible! ¡!!! Guess I need to switch to Verizon. Get what ya pay for. Did you check smsc #? My phone won't take the number they gave me
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I just changed the smsc number to AT&T's 🙂
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A simple google search reveals it +13123149810
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I also has problems at first but im a tech guru and didnt need to call cricket I knew exactly what to do and since changing the smsc number no more problems remember to hold 0 to add the + then input the rest of the numbers and save it

I think it just might be where you are and the connection. At my house, i could text my bf who is sitting right next to me and he won’t get the message for a hour. But if I text my friend who lives in another state, and I’m at work, she gets it right away.  I think it has nothing to do with the phone. Might be a carrier problem. 

Yes I'm about to switch carriers
It's sooo annoying and time consuming. Its hit or miss. Looks like this is the last month for me
I want all calls blocked except ones on my contact list and 209 & 408 area codes thank you Julie reyes