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  • 29 August 2020
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I have noticed that often times my data will become throttled so slowly to the point of becoming totally unusable (like I'm not even able to perform a speed test or do a google search). This occurs even tho I have the fastest unlimited plan available with cricket (8mbps) and occurs regardless to how far into my billing cycle or how much data has been used for the month. This can often be resolved by putting the phone in airplane mode to disconnect all data services and then switch it back. After airplane mode is turned back off and reconnects to the mobile data, the speed returns to normal. I'm not sure if anyone else has experienced this but figured I'd ask just in case. (However on occasion, I've had to do this multiple times within the same 10 min period bc the connection speed keeps dropping below 0.01mbps which can be frustrating). It is esp problematic if I am using my mobile hotspot or am logged into a secure site for something important like paying bills or purchasing something online bc it can interfere with what I'm doing if I have to suddenly go into airplane mode to fix it and get booted out if everything. Has anyone else had this issue and if so, is there a better solution than what I've been doing?... Thanks in advance!

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Hello @Vgonza1987! Welcome to our Cricket Community Forum and thank you for your post. Please know that Cricket does not throttle data. Our fasted unlimited plan, our $60 Cricket More plan, does not have data speed caps. It is our $55 Cricket Core plan, that offers the 8mbps max data speeds. If you are on our $55 Cricket Core plan, you can move to our $60 Cricket More plan for faster speeds. 

For further assistance with this, please reach out to our support team on Facebook ( or Twitter (@cricketsupport). 

There are complaints all over the internet about hotspot speeds. I'm using a factory unlocked Note 20 and my data speeds are great on the phone but completely useless using my hotspot.  

No response?

Upgraded to the 60$ a month plan because it's supposed to be faster.  Speeds still mega throttled. You can't play lag free anything with cricket. Don't waste your money. Soon as I can afford it I'm.moving on. No matter how much you pay google searches lag, youtube freezes, any multiplayer game is just a joke. 

No response?  .

Still waiting for the response! but no one.

Thanks in advance Plz

They always respond with nonsense replies about degraded towers and working on it. It's been over two years and at this point I feel like a fool. Fingers crossed I'll be changing companies in the next two months. 

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 This. Is the third  time. I'm writing this keeps freezing.  The ovation. Is not. A good fone first. Month. It ran. Perfect that it steadily has issues from dropped calls  apps. Closing while. Useing. Keeps. Popping up file. Not found    the constant  messages about  bs. Services I signed up for the no call  list.  Fone runs slow I've been with. Cricket. For over 7 years.   No customer incentive.  Or deals.   To be. Honest. My zte ran better. Then. This. POS   I've asked.  About these issues. Only to get. A snaughty.  Answer. Was told to. Fact reset.   Didn't work.   All of this. In 7 months. No one. Has an answer.  I'm on. Core. Plan  with taxes. I pay 68 dollars.   For. The issues. I have.    I'm tired of it.   My fone. Is. Throttled.  After. The. First week I pay my bill   that's. Bs.   There's. No way. I use. All that data in one. Week    even the gorilla. Glass.  They out on. No good.   I keep my fone. In my front. Pocket   nothing. Has hit it. Yet. The corners. At. Cracked.  Battery takes 2 hours. Or longer. To charge   when it's at 50%. Such bs.  An crabby. Employees.