Traveling to the UK. What, if anything, will still work on my phone?

  • 9 September 2018
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I will be traveling overseas to London later this month and will have my Galaxy S8 with me. What, if anything, will still work while I am in the UK? Specifically, will I be able to make phone calls, send/receive text messages via roaming cell network? What about via wireless internet? Will I at least still be able to access the internet, or does my phone essentially become a brick outside the US, Canada, and Mexico?

4 replies

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Thank you for contacting Cricket, when traveling outside of U.S, Canada and Mexico our service will not work. The only way you can use your device will be by connecting to Wi-Fi or choosing a provider in the UK for service.

Sorry so not tech savvy... Does this mean that when there is WiFi service that I will be able to go on Facebook and that I will be able to make Facebook and WhatsApp phonecalls please?
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i'm preparing too, thanks for the advice!


You should be able to use your phone normally in the UK as it is part of the European Union. This means that you will be able to make phone calls and send/receive text messages through your cell network's roaming service. You will also be able to access the internet via wireless internet. Keep in mind that you may be charged higher rates for phone calls, text messages, and data usage while you are in the UK. Be sure to check with your cell network provider before you travel to see what their rates are. Also, I recommend noting down some locations with free wifi that you can find at Have a great trip!